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    19 Products For Anyone Looking To Upgrade Their Gaming Setup

    Get the headsets on!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. If you're a PC gamer, this gaming keyboard and mouse set come backlit with LED lights so you can smash those keys even at night!

    Amazon / Via

    Rated 4.3-stars, gamers love how stylish and durable this keyboard and mouse set is!

    Price: £25.99.

    2. Too many wires to handle? Here's a cable management kit that's perfect for gamers who just need a little bit more organisation in their lives.

    Amazon / Via

    It's time to start sorting your life (and your cables) out!

    Price: £13.99.

    3. Are you a streamer? Do you play online with your friends? This noise-cancelling gaming headset has crystal clear sound so you can *really* get your head in the game!

    Amazon / Via

    Compatible with most leading gaming consoles, this gaming headset has a skin-friendly cushion and memory foam padding to give you maximum comfort even after prolonged use!

    Price: £21.99.

    4. Keep comfortable with this foot rest cushion that relieves tension in your feet and legs after sitting for long periods of time!

    Amazon / Via

    Just 'cause you're spending hours gaming, doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable!

    Price: £18.99.

    5. Need a controller but don't want to splash the cash? This PS4-compatible controller is the perfect alternative!

    Amazon / Via

    This PS4-compatible controller has an ergonomic design that'll keep your hands at ease even after hours of game time! Rated 4.1-stars, PS4 gamers love how good this controller feels in their hands!

    Price: £16.99.

    6. More of an Xbox gamer? This Xbox One-compatible controller is definitely going to keep you AND your wallet happy!

    Amazon / Via

    Xbox gamers think this controller is excellent, and we're *pretty sure* you'll think that too!

    Price: £38.99.

    7. All that gaming might make your controllers super grubby, so keep them squeaky clean with this console cleaning kit!

    Amazon / Via

    This console cleaning kit consists of an alcohol cleaning spray, a non-abrasive microfiber cloth, and antibacterial cleaning wipes! Also, although officially licensed by Playstation, this cleaning kit can be used on ALL game consoles and controllers – yes, even Xbox and Nintendo Switch!

    Price: £3.29.

    8. Save some extra bucks with this wireless Bluetooth controller, compatible with Nintendo Switch!

    Amazon / Via

    This quick-response controller is fully compatible with Nintendo Switch and Windows PC! It can be paired super quickly and has a 4.6-star rating so let's be honest, it's pretty darn good!

    Price: £25.99.

    9. This gaming stand will keep ALL of your games and accessories in order! It's even got shelves to keep your controllers safe and sound.

    Amazon / Via

    Organisation? YES PLEASE.

    Price: £39.99.

    10. This gaming mouse pad is EXTRA LONG, so you have all of the surface area when you're *really* getting into Fortnite!

    Amazon / Via

    This LED-backlit mouse pad has ten lighting modes for you to choose from, to really get you into the gaming mood!

    Price: £16.99.

    11. Keep your PS4 controllers juiced with this double PS4 charging dock that quickly charges them in JUST three hours!

    Amazon / Via

    This dual dock charging station lets you to charge two PS4 controllers simultaneously without even connecting to the PS4 system! Super fast charging, this premium-quality charging dock will have you screaming "TAKE MY MONEY!"

    Price: £13.99.

    12. If you game on your laptop then you'll definitely need this laptop cooling pad! Overheating? Who! We don't know her!

    Amazon / Via

    This ultra-fast and powerful USB-cooling fan might honestly be the best investment you'll ever make – especially if you're a laptop gamer! It claims to cool overheated laptops in LESS than a minute, so you know it's the real deal.

    Price: £19.90.

    13. Are you an online streamer, or wanting to get into online streaming? Well look no further! This 1080p HD webcam is ideal for gaming!

    Amazon / Via

    Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, this HD webcam comes with a noise-cancelling microphone and EVEN a privacy shutter for when you're not using your webcam! People think this webcam is excellent, and we're sure you'll think that too!

    Price: £21.95.

    14. Having to update your consoles is so annoying, we get it. Slow download speeds will be a thing of the past, once this WiFi booster becomes a part of your life!

    Amazon / Via

    All you have to do is pair, plug, and play! Easy to set up, this WiFi booster can be managed on your smartphone and claims to extend your powerline network to any room in the house! Online gamers rejoice!

    Price: £37.00.

    15. Ever been so into a game, but you don't want to leave your gaming area to get drinks and snacks? Well, NOW you don't have to! This 15 litre portable mini fridge is honestly going to (dare we say it,) CHANGE the game.

    Amazon / Via

    Thank us later!

    Price: £49.99.

    16. This memory pillow will keep you and your back feeling super comfortable if you've got a gaming chair and need a little extra support!

    Amazon / Via

    Made from 100% premium memory foam pillows, this lumbar pillow is designed for upper, middle, and lower backs, as well as spine pain relief! Rated 4.2-stars, people call this pillow the best lumbar support ever!

    Price: £28.99.

    17. Keep your Xbox One controllers full of battery with this officially licensed Xbox charging dock!

    Amazon / Via

    This gaming accessory is a must-have for gamers! Rated 4.3-stars, Xbox users say this charging dock is excellent!

    Price: £19.70.

    18. This rechargeable cordless keyboard vacuum will get rid of all of the dirt that gets lost in your keyboard! It even comes with a sticky keyboard gel to *really* get into those nooks and crannies!

    Amazon / Via, Amazon

    Let's be real – the mini keyboard vacuum is honestly HIGHKEY cute!

    Price: £15.99.

    19. Take Mario Kart to the next level with this Nintendo Switch-compatible racing wheel and hand grip!

    Amazon / Via

    These are honestly a must have.

    Price: £9.99.