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    12 Must-Haves For Anyone Who's Glamorous But Low-Key Kinda Messy

    Time to finally clean those makeup stains off the carpet.

    1. Love to get glammed up but your vanity's disorganised AF? Make that a thing of the past with this cosmetic organiser.

    2. Okay, okay. The vanity's organised, but what about your makeup brushes? If you're a makeup lover, you'll definitely need this bamboo, air-drying brush holder.

    3. You don't think we're gonna start this beauty routine without making sure those brushes are clean, do you? Keep your brushes in tip-top shape with this makeup brush cleanser.

    4. A little old-fashioned are we? That's fine by us. Clean those brushes with this EcoTools makeup brush shampoo.

    5. This medical grade disinfectant spray will kill 99.9% of bacteria, so if you tend to not clean up after getting ready, then this might be for you.

    6. Disinfect your hands with this Cuticura moisture advanced protect antibacterial hand gel.

    7. Time to start getting ready. All the makeup you need is in the cosmetic organiser we mentioned before, right? Wait, you have more? It's not organised? Okay, well this 10-drawer storage trolley is here for you.

    8. Spilled foundation all over your carpet? This Dr Beckmann Stain Devils remover will solve ALL of your problems.

    9. You've gone to work, you've done your errands, you've caught up with Bake Off, now what? Night time routine! Rub that makeup off with this chemical-free makeup remover.

    10. Prefer micellar water? That's fine too! We thought you might like this Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water.

    11. How do you organise your skincare? Don't tell us it's all just scattered over your bathroom worktop, we DON'T want to hear that kind of negativity! Instead, try this illuminated mirror cabinet.

    12. Finally, go ahead and improve your home's air quality with this essential oils diffuser.