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    20 Products That'll Help Make Small Homes Feel Bigger And Brighter

    It's all about the ~illusion~.

    1. These DIY hexagon mirror stickers are a great decor piece and will help trick the eye into thinking your living space looks larger than it is!

    2. This gorgeous denim striped rug can make your home look more elongated and spacious!

    3. And if you're looking to make your home look brighter, why not opt for this lightly coloured rug? It's perfect if your home decor is a bit darker!

    4. These floor-to-ceiling curtains will give the illusion of height to your home. Not to mention they're sheer, making them great for letting natural daylight in.

    5. Or if you're looking to get rid of curtains altogether, this privacy window film lets you see out without letting others see in. It's also great for reducing solar heat, sun glare, and UV rays by over 80%!

    6. This set of six minimalist art prints is going to brighten up your most boring wall!

    7. This super chic curved ceiling light will make your home look oh so modern, and because it's so large it'll add lots of atmosphere without the need for floor lamps.

    8. This four-tiered trolley has wheels that make it easy to move around. It can be stored out of sight, so you don't have to worry about using up any precious space you have.

    9. This set of floating shelves would be perfect for storing all those belongings that'd otherwise make your home look messy – not to mention the fact that they look super elegant!

    10. Brighten up your space thanks to these crushed velvet cushion covers! They're super soft and are great if you want to add a pop of colour to your home.

    11. Declutter your living room thanks to this incredibly handy ottoman storage box! It can hold up to 300kg worth of your belongings and look pretty good while doing it.

    12. This wall-mounted utility rack will help keep your cleaning utensils out of the way instead of them taking up valuable space in other areas of your home.

    13. Make your home feel brighter than ever by taking the time to revive and restore your wooden furniture! This handy restorer will help get rid of water rings, scratches, and blemishes.

    14. These under-the-shelf stainless steel storage baskets will help to maximise your pantry space with ease!

    15. No matter the size of your home, adding plants will help add some depth! May I suggest this air-purifying indoor palm tree that's super adorable?

    16. Avoid clutter in your tiny kitchen with the help of this two-tiered drying rack. It's incredibly sturdy and easy to assemble too!

    17. This entryway storage rack will store your shoes and jackets without taking up precious space.

    18. This three-tiered shelf is a foolproof way of storing all of your bathroom necessities, so your towels and cleaning supplies can finally stop taking centre stage.

    19. If you really want to maximise your tiny living space, why not opt for this mega fancy ladder shelf that'll double as your next WFH hub.

    20. Make your home shine bright AF thanks to this crystal glass suncatcher! It'll turn your living space into a walk-in rainbow.