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    25 Products That I, A Messy Person, Feel So Stupid For Not Buying Sooner

    It's about time you stop being referred to as the "messy friend."

    1. A non-stick splash guard for your frying pan, so you can stop running the risk of potentially burning yourself every time you want to make bacon and eggs.

    2. A pack of microfibre duster slippers that I personally think are the best invention since sliced bread. Simply pop these reusable bad boys on and sweep to your heart's desire.

    3. This beeswax wood polish restores and protects your wooden furniture, so you can *finally* tend to those water rings you have due to your lack of coasters.

    4. If you think it's finally time to clean the inside of your car, this multi-surface cleaning spray is great to use on the seats and carpet.

    5. A handy wearable nail polish holder, so you can paint your nails without worrying about accidentally knocking the bottle over.

    6. These heat-resistant silicone gap covers are ideal for preventing dirt buildup and food spillage in one of the hardest-to-reach areas of your kitchen.

    7. An over-the-door shoe organiser that'll make it as easy as 1,2,3 to sort everything from shoes to cleaning supplies.

    8. A microwaveable plate cover so you can heat up last night's leftovers without the fear of splatters. It even collapses for easy storage!

    9. This keyboard cleaning gel that'll help to get all of the crumbs and dirt out of your keyboard.

    10. An easy-to-install rotating cosmetics vanity so you can feel like NikkieTutorials and keep your makeup organised too!

    11. And if you want to take cleaning your beauty space one step further, this medical-grade disinfectant spray will kill 99.9% of bacteria that lingers on your makeup products and vanity.

    12. An incredibly powerful and non-toxic red wine remover spray, to help eradicate even the most stubborn of stains from your clothes and your carpet.

    13. If you're in need of a quick fix, this instant stain remover pen will help to easily lift away stains when you're not in walking distance of a washing machine!

    14. A pack of two no-spill ice cube trays, so you can avoid any potential spillage on your way to the freezer from the sink.

    15. An no-mess oil pourer that'll keep your olive oil fresher for longer and allow you to pour precisely.

    16. If you're anything like me, mismatched socks are the bane of your life. Here's a set of four drawer dividers that'll help you separate and organise all of your essentials.

    17. A stainless steel spray that'll effortlessly remove the fingerprints, residue, watermarks, and grease stains that you've probably been putting off cleaning.

    18. If you're no stranger to rubbish piling up in your car, you'll probably find these backseat organisers extremely handy!

    19. A heat-resistant silicone spill stopper for preventing boiling boiling water from overflowing onto your stovetop.

    20. Unlike regular plastic hangers, these velvet ones will prevent your clothes from slipping and creating a mess in your wardrobe.

    21. Got pets that moult? This reusable hair remover can be used on most household surfaces, and will help to clean all of the fur your little friend leaves behind.

    22. We all know it's been a while since you've last washed your makeup brushes, so why not do yourself a favour and pop this Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel in your basket?

    23. Your utility cupboard won't be a hot mess anymore, thanks to this mop and broom organiser that you can easily attach to any wall

    24. Some incredibly useful fridge liners that make the chore of cleaning your fridge so much easier.

    25. Finally, this tough-on-dirt cleaning paste gets to work on pretty much ANYTHING – from grease on pots and pans to scum on your bathtub.