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    22 Loungewear Products From ASOS That Are As Comfy As They Are Cute

    These will have you feeling relaxed AF.

    1. This This oversized baby pink hoodie is giving me *totally* chill vibes.

    2. If you're like me and understand leopard print counts as a neutral, this pink and cream cropped borg hoodie is to die for.

    3. This animal print tie-waist jumpsuit has a relaxed fit and is honestly everything you'll need to start living your rich suburban mum fantasy.

    4. Look stylish AF for your next conference call with this oversized Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired sweatshirt.

    5. This lounge hoodie and board short set will feel a bit more dressy than wearing your pyjamas, but still way comfier than wearing jeans.

    6. This super soft teddy fleece hoodie is a *must-have* for those lazy days where you decide to work from your bed.

    7. This light grey funnel-neck sweatshirt has utility pockets on the arms so you can keep your belongings on you at all times.

    8. This unisex ombre sweatshirt from COLLUSION is perfect for anyone who's not afraid of a little pastel!

    9. This super lightweight black ASOS Curve sweatshirt can be worn with anything, and I literally mean anything!

    10. This oversized colour-block fleece jacket is SO cute! I am currently adding this to my basket as we SPEAK.

    11. These pink camouflage joggers might not turn you invisible, but they certainly will turn some heads when you finally greet your family after spending three days in your room watching Friends.

    12. Sometimes all you need is a basic hoodie to snuggle up in whilst watching Breaking Bad reruns – and this oversized asphalt hoodie is *the* one.

    13. Go ahead and throw on this understated off-white hoodie that you can relax in all day.

    14. Feel cute and dreamy in this mystic butterfly sweatshirt, even if all you're doing is having a lazy day inside.

    15. Who wouldn't want to to wear this colour-block sweatshirt while making a cuppa and getting lost in a YouTube hole?

    16. This oversized, polar fleece hoodie is lowkey giving me Rugrats vibes.

    17. These grey velour joggers are so comfortable you'll probably want to end up getting more than one pair.

    18. An ASOS DESIGN oversized sweatshirt that's as sleek as it is cosy and comfortable.

    19. If you're looking for something super casual, this oversized fleece that you can zip up is sure to bring the comfort.

    20. A unisex deep-blue washed hoodie to do all of your daily tasks in.

    21. This ASOS DESIGN co-ord hoodie and tracksuit set has biker details that make it look that little bit extra luxe.

    22. This ASOS 4505 cream cropped hoodie is ticking all the right boxes, if you ask me!