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    25 Products To Help You Look After Your Wellbeing During Lockdown

    It's time to start looking after the most important person in the world: you.

    1. This mindfulness guide contains easy-to-follow practices that you can incorporate into your everyday life!

    2. Or maybe even these mindfulness affirmation cards to help create a positive mindset during this second lockdown. Each card features topics such as gratitude, motivation, creativity, and so much more!

    3. This adult colouring book has 20 pages filled with funny, life-affirming quotes to help you unwind and relax.

    4. Why not try this trio of therapeutic roller balls? They're infused with essential oils to help you get a good night's sleep.

    5. And if you want your entire home to smell like a relaxation station, this lavender and geranium-scented candle will do the trick.

    6. These non-prescription glasses help to prevent headaches and digital eye strain by filtering out the blue light from your laptop, phone, and TV screens!

    7. This five-piece set of resistance bands to help make working out more challenging. Each one has a different level of resistance. depending on your personal needs.

    8. I love this UV-free light therapy lamp that mimics natural sunlight and can help with SAD. It has three colour temperatures to help you when you need an extra boost!

    9. This A3 magnetic whiteboard that you can pop on your fridge to help you stay productive. It even comes with four pens and specialised categories to keep you motivated.

    10. This battery-powered shiatsu massager is perfect for those who are working from home. It has a heated therapy mode, three speed settings, and can be used on the entire body.

    11. How about this menthol-scented neck and shoulder rub which is great for relieving stress and tension pain? It's quick-absorbing and non-greasy too!

    12. This dumbbell tower has three different sets of weights to help you build your upper body strength throughout lockdown.

    13. This multi-purpose yoga mat is great for a variety of at-home exercises. Whether you're doing sit-ups or pilates, this lightweight one is a must-have and is thick enough to not hurt your back when exercising on hard floors.

    14. And why not spice up your yoga session with these wooden dice that'll provide you with thousands of possible combinations?!

    15. These aromatherapy bath salts are infused with eucalyptus to help combat stress and give you some well-deserved relaxation. They're cruelty and chemical-free too!

    16. These vitamin D3 tablets are ideal if you're not getting the sunlight you're used to. They help maintain strong bones and teeth and support muscle function as well.

    17. This feel-good novel by Clare Pooley is sure to lift your spirits! It's got a 4.5-star average rating from 1,528 reviews and readers seem to really love it.

    18. This paint-by-numbers kit is a fun and relaxing way to help you create some art this lockdown.

    19. This reusable water bottle to help keep you hydrated at home. It even has motivational time-stamps to ensure you're getting enough fluids throughout the day.

    20. This foot massager relieves muscle pain and offers deep tissue support, which is great for people who are always on their feet.

    21. This set of therapeutic bath bombs has a 4.8-star average rating and might just help to dissolve your worries away.

    22. Feel the comfort of this weighted blanket that uses deep pressure stimulation to mimic the feeling of being hugged. It's incredibly calming to use!

    23. Treat yourself with these intensely hydrating sheet masks after a long and stressful day. They're packed full of skin-loving ingredients and you'll even get a pair of eye masks as well.

    24. This selection box of organic herbal tea will come in handy when you need an extra little pick-me-up. They taste pretty darn good and are designed with wellness in mind!

    25. Relieve stress with this insanely cute Baby Yoda-shaped stress ball. Whether you're letting off steam or just strengthening your grip, I just know you're gonna love it.

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