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    19 Cute Things You Can Treat Yourself To Now That Spooky Season Is Here

    The cutest-yet-spookiest finds!

    1. Feel like the Pumpkin King every day in this super cosy Jack Skellington jumper.

    2. Decorate your home with these spooky-yet-adorable Halloween pumpkin lights that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    3. Make some delicious Halloween treats at home with this cake pop baking kit that has *everything* you need to make 12 cake pops – all you need to provide is butter and an egg.

    4. Cooking will be just that little bit more fun with this super cute apron that's available in a variety of colours.

    5. Step into a horror movie every time you come home, thanks to this Overlook Hotel doormat inspired by The Shining.

    6. Or if you're a Stranger Things fan, this spooky AF doormat is sure to leave you shaking in your boots.

    7. You might not be able to feed them after midnight, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a nice hot cuppa from this heat-changing Gremlins mug!

    8. Indulge your inner goth with this shimmering (yes, shimmering!) blackberry-flavoured gin liqueur.

    9. Rocking this Beetlejuice T-shirt whist belting out "Say My Name" at the top of your lungs in your bedroom? Seems like a great idea to me.

    10. A USB-powered red balloon night light, 'cause how else would you keep Pennywise in your presence?!

    11. Spiders might make your skin crawl, but this illuminated spider web decoration might just be the cutest thing you've seen today.

    12. Leatherface might have a chainsaw, but you could possibly have a chainsaw bottle opener, so who's bound to be the real winner here? You are.

    13. If you've got a soft spot for the Disney villains, then you'll *love* this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that's sure to keep you occupied for hours.

    14. And you can take your love for the Disney villains to the next level thanks to this three-piece face mask collection! Nurture, refresh, and moisturise your face in true spooky style!

    15. Turn your home into a mini planetarium with this super cute moon lamp that's bound to have you ~howling~ at it.

    16. Girl power? More like ghoul power! Trick-or-treat yourself to this cute little jumper that'll become your BFF while lounging around watching Halloweentown.

    17. Fans of vampires will have to admit this vintage poster T-shirt is pretty cool.

    18. If you're anything like me, Maleficent is your favourite Disney villain (as she should be), so you'll most definitely be popping this sleeping mask in your basket ASAP.

    19. Indulge in your basic-ness with this delightful-smelling pumpkin spice candle that has a burning time of up to 50 hours!