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    21 Tech Products For Everyone On Your Christmas List

    Time's ticking out so better get these in your baskets!

    1. This powerful Bluetooth speaker so they can listen to 'Lights Up' by Harry Styles on repeat.

    2. This light-up alarm clock that comes with sunrise simulation and a sunset sleep aid to help improve their sleep schedule.

    3. This fitness tracking watch for the uncle in your life who says he wants to take up jogging in the new year.

    4. These foldable Sony headphones have over 4,500 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, so you *know* they're gonna be a good gift.

    5. This PS4 charging dock for the sibling who just won't stop playing Call of Duty.

    6. How about this ~incredibly cute~ avocado portable charger that could put a smile on anyone's face, TBH.

    7. Or maybe this Belkin wireless charging pad for the person who just really can't stand wires.

    8. This 3-in-1 selfie lens kit for your niece whose dream in life is to run a VSCO girl Instagram account.

    9. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds are perfect for anyone who wants high-quality sound without any of the tangles.

    10. This SEGA Mega Drive for the person in your life who has a soft spot for Sonic the Hedgehog.

    11. Turn your loved one's home into a personal cinema with this Logitech surround sound system!

    12. This electrical USB-reusable hand warmer for the person you know who's always complaining about being cold.

    13. This Amazon Echo Dot so your parents can listen to Michael Bublé and be reminded of when to take the chicken out to defrost.

    14. What about this 6-in-1 electrical facial cleansing brush that skincare enthusiasts are going to absolutely adore!

    15. More of a tech ~accessory~, this biodegradable iPhone case helps their phone AND the Earth!

    16. If you really want to splash the cash, treat your partner to this rechargeable electric foil shaver so they can keep their facial grooming on point.

    17. The gamer in the family will be *incredibly* happy with this gaming keyboard and mouse set they can use to play Fortnite.

    18. If they're in need of some new hair straighteners, these Babyliss ones are definitely the place to look.

    19. For anyone who likes physical copies of their memories, this Kodak mini portable instant photo printer is a very thoughtful gift I think they'll appreciate!

    20. Know someone who loves a cuppa but hates getting out of bed? This Smarter iKettle will let them boil the kettle from their phone.

    21. This HoMedics shiatsu foot massager is ideal for anyone who spends most of their day on their feet.