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    20 Genius Products That You'll Probably Wish You Bought Years Ago

    I'm telling you, you'll need every single one of these!

    1. These ultra-thin hydrocolloid patches will heal your spots while you sleep.

    2. These extremely handy ant baits will help to tackle the problem at its source.

    3. This hydrating cuticle oil will give you healthier-looking nails in no time.

    4. Keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer thanks to these ethylene-absorbing spheres.

    5. An eco-friendly soap saver that'll keep your bar of soap from melting away on your sink basin.

    6. A rechargeable fabric shaver to help remove all of those bobbles that keeps appearing on your favourite cardigan.

    7. A hair finishing stick that'll turn your bedhead hair into a respectable 'do for your next work video call.

    8. A makeup remover cloth that only needs water, so you can finally stop buying non-biodegradable face wipes.

    9. A collapsible microwaveable plate cover that doubles as a colander!

    10. This exfoliating foot mask will have you seeing results in as little as five days.

    11. Some nail polish stencils for the person who has trouble colouring in the lines.

    12. Some discreet silicone ear grips to save you from having to constantly readjust your glasses.

    13. And on the topic of glasses, here's an anti-fog spray that's perfect for anyone whose glasses steam up every time they wear a mask.

    14. You'll be a big fan (I crack myself up sometimes) of this laptop cooling pad, especially if you're WFH.

    15. A vanilla scented candle which eliminates the pet odours your furry friend leaves around the house.

    16. This dry-touch sanitiser spray kills 99.9% of the bacteria in the room.

    17. A pair of footwear deodorisers to keep your shoes from smelling up the entire house.

    18. Get perfect eggs every time thanks to this colour-changing egg timer.

    19. A silicone heat-resistant mat to prevent you from burning your carpet when straightening your hair!

    20. How about these shoe inserts for your boots to make sure they don't lose their shape?