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    17 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Alternatives Under £10 To Add To Your Current Routine

    Look after your wallet and the planet!

    1. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to these environmentally-friendly bamboo toothbrushes!

    2. Stop using cling film and start using these eco-friendly reusable beeswax cling wraps! They're easy to use and are even washable so you can use them time and time again until they decompose!

    3. Who needs plastic straws? These stainless steel metal straws are eco-friendly, easy-to-clean and will help you lower the amount of single-use plastic you get through.

    4. These multipurpose sisal soap bags are hygienic, non-toxic, and most importantly 100% plastic-free and environmentally friendly.

    5. If you're a chewing gum lover, you have to try this plant-based, plastic-free peppermint chewing gum from Simply Gum!

    6. This all-organic toothpaste from Georganics helps to remove stains without being harsh on your teeth!

    7. Who knew mouthwash could be eco-friendly? These completely natural mouthwash tablets are just that!

    8. These electric toothbrush heads are not only charcoal-infused to help with teeth whitening, they're completely recyclable too!

    9. This eco-friendly dental floss will have you saying BUH-BYE to plastic! Vegan, plastic-free, and biodegradable? Sign me up!

    10. Why not swap your shower gel for these rose and geranium soap bars that have no plastic packaging?

    11. These reusable mesh produce bags are ideal if you want to stop using plastic bags!

    12. Who needs non-biodegradable makeup wipes when you've got these eco friendly and reusable makeup remover pads?

    13. This natural deodorant balm from PureChimp is perfect for sensitive skin!

    14. Let your hair shine with these natural 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bars that are designed to look after dry and damaged hair.

    15. If you work in an office, chances are you go to your local café for lunch – here's a bamboo cutlery set so you don't have to keep using single-use plastics.

    16. Who needs wasteful single-use plastic, when you've got these bamboo cotton wool buds?

    17. Hate throwing away old kitchen sponges all the time? This dual-sided washing up pad is chemical-free and machine-washable.