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    22 Products To Help Bring The Disney Magic Even While You're Staying At Home

    "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." – Walt Disney.

    1. This Evil Queen-inspired cauldron bath bomb has a gorgeous-smelling apple scent – perfect if you've got a ~soft spot~ for the villains.

    2. This adorable Winnie the Pooh pyjama set is *just* what you need for those days when all you want to do is lounge about.

    3. What better time to pamper yourself?! And why not do it with this set of four face masks inspired by Disney princesses!

    4. Think you know your Disney movie trivia? Well, think again! Battle it out with your friends and family with this trivia quiz game that's perfect for nights in.

    5. If you love Toy Story, you'll *definitely* be clawing your way to get this Alien mug out of the cupboard.

    6. Catch some z's in the best way possible, thanks to this Simba sleeping mask that looks impossibly comfy.

    7. Look chic yet comfortable with this oversized shirt that includes none other than your favourite –Mickey Mouse!

    8. Shower time will feel like a whole new world, once you get your hands on this Genie-inspired body wash duo that smells divine, if you ask me!

    9. Not only do these striped socks look so incredibly jazzy, they're also inspired by the new Disney and Pixar movie Onward – so like, they're a must-have.

    10. Want to sprinkle some Disney magic into your next Zoom work call? You can chuck on this lightweight dress that's perfect for wearing around the house.

    11. What better time to treat yourself to a vanilla-scented hair mask? Especially one that'll deep-condition your hair back to life!

    12. Bambi might have made you cry as a kid, but these incredibly comfy socks *definitely* won't!

    13. Not only will these Toy Story-inspired storage tins keep your teabags and biccies fresh, they'll also look incredibly good in your kitchen.

    14. This Beauty and the Beast-inspired papercut print will look ever so charming in your home.

    15. You'll be saying "boy, oh boy" once you get this Donald Duck pyjama set on your hands.

    16. Time to do your beauty routine? Make sure your hair is out of the way with this seriously cute Tigger headband that I honestly really want – I mean, look at the ears!

    17. Or how about a Mickey Mouse-inspired mug that you can actually personalise yourself?! It's microwave and dishwasher-safe as well.

    18. But sometimes, it's *good* to be bad, and that's 100% the case with this villains mug that I just know you'll like drinking a cheeky cuppa from.

    19. How about this Stitch-inspired T-shirt that quite *literally* tells whoever's reading it that you are no longer an adult for the day, but merely a smol bean who just wants to watch Disney movies.

    20. Ever wanted to know what Stormtrooper beer tastes like? Yep, me too. Treat yourself to some original Stormtrooper craft beer that's sure to go down a treat.

    21. May the face be with you (get it!), with this Star Wars face mask collection.

    22. Have the days started merging together? Keep on top of your to-do-list with this Disney villains weekly planner that'll help keep you on top of things!