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    21 Adorable Gifts That You Can Get For Yourself Right This Second

    *Adds to basket.*

    1. Sit down and relax thanks to this Sloan the Sloth back massager that's sure to be the best cuddle you've ever had.

    2. A touch-sensitive couch potato night light that you'll most definitely be able to relate to!

    3. This super adorable cat-shaped headband and two-piece silicone brush set will come extremely handy the next time you're applying a face mask!

    4. This 16-piece pink marble makeup brush set is sure to be a welcome addition to your current collection!

    5. Speaking of face masks, this hydrating watermelon one infused with vitamin C is perfect to pop on while listening to that Harry Styles' song.

    6. Love pizza? Love Star Wars? Then you'll definitely love this lightsaber pizza cutter with built-in sounds!

    7. What better way to have a nice hot cuppa than in this insanely cute mug that's shaped like buttered toast?!

    8. Release some tension with this novelty PlayStation controller stress ball – I personally think it might come in very handy.

    9. Bring the greenery indoors in the *cutest* way possible, thanks to this llama planter! All you need to do is fill its ceramic body with seeds and some water for it to grow.

    10. These colour-changing LED strip lights are a great, easy-to-apply way to turn your home into an absolute ~vibe.~

    11. These yellow giraffe bookends are ideal for anyone who loves the cuter things in life and has an extensive book collection.

    12. If you're looking for a way to amp up your bubble bath, then this bubble-blowing bubble bath is definitely for you!

    13. These stainless steel multi-coloured cat spoons are a delight! They've even got their own "arms" that'll hang to the side of your mug once you're done stirring.

    14. These cute cat oven mitts might *truly* be the cutest thing I've seen all day! They're heat resistant up to 248°C, and purrfect for any cooking situation.

    15. This incredibly adorable hot water bottle has straps you can wrap around any part of your body to help you relax!

    16. This super quirky doughnut tape is great for stationery lovers and will brighten up your workday!

    17. Pop of a photo of a loved one in this Friends picture frame mug inspired by Monica's apartment. Cute and nostalgic? Sign me up.

    18. Cuddle up in this Moomin hoodie that – IMO – has no right being as cute as it is!

    19. This essential oil diffuser has benefits such as helping you sleep and preventing your throat from getting dry and scratchy. It's also shaped like a SUPER CUTE WHALE, BTW!

    20. These moulds are perfect for making ice or tropical-themed candies!

    21. Whether you're dashing to Pizza Planet or to infinity and beyond, these Toy Story alien socks have got you covered.