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    19 Cosy Homeware Products To Help Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy Inside

    BRB, upgrading my entire home.

    1. Bring some comfort into your home with this chic knitted blanket.

    2. With eight different lighting modes, you'll be able to switch up the atmosphere of these photo-clip string lights with the touch of a button.

    3. These Yankee Candle fragrance spheres are a perfect alternative to candles. With up to 45 days of fragrance life, these scented beads will fill your home with a beautiful cotton scent.

    4. These gorgeous natural wood slices will work perfectly as coasters! They're a must-have if you're looking to incorporate some cottagecore vibes into your home.

    5. Made with high-quality faux fur, this extra-soft fluffy rug will help bring in some luxe vibes to your bedroom!

    6. This pastel pink cast iron teapot has a gorgeous traditional design reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossoms.

    7. Fill your home with the elegant scents of wildflower, cotton, and lilac thanks to this fragrance reed diffuser.

    8. Kick back and relax with this easy-to-install macramé swing chair that's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Hygge vibes, anyone?!

    9. Create a calm and cosy atmosphere in your home thanks to this energy-efficient, LED-powered bell jar light.

    10. Complete your movie nights with this portable mini projector, 'cause what could be better than watching Mean Girls on your living room wall while relaxing with a bowl of popcorn?

    11. You'll never want to get up once you sink your tush into this giant adult-sized beanbag! It's soft, cosy, and is a great home decor piece if you're short on space.

    12. This Himalayan pink salt tealight candle holder will help turn your bedroom into a much-needed sanctuary.

    13. This wonderfully calming lavender and chamomile pillow spray will help you get a good night's sleep.

    14. This set of decorative ceramic vases are bound to give your living space that rustic farmhouse aesthetic you've been trying to achieve!

    15. This microfibre flannel fleece blanket is perfect for those surprisingly chilly evenings (because British spring and summer is unpredictable).

    16. This gorgeous bohemian-style tufted cushion cover will add some visual interest to a plain sofa.

    17. Give your bedroom the royal treatment with this incredibly romantic canopy that definitely gives off some princess vibes.

    18. Just 'cause laundry can be tedious, doesn't mean you have to have an ugly basket. This super sleek bamboo one has two-tiered shelves to keep all of your belongings organised.

    19. Turn your living space into a botanical paradise thanks to these artificial ivy garlands that you can hang anywhere you want!