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    23 Seriously Soothing Products To Help Take Your Mind Off Things Right Now

    'Cause we all need a little relaxation!

    1. These hydrating sheet masks from Garnier are packed full of skin-loving ingredients. There are three formulas to choose from, and you'll even get a pair of eye masks as well!

    2. This whole-body pillow has an ergonomic design that makes it perfect for for pregnant women and people who suffer from muscle pain alike.

    3. This ice roller can be used to help decrease under-eye puffiness as well as minimise the appearance of pores — not to mention its cooling and soothing effect on headaches.

    4. Treat yourself to some acupressure with this dual foot massager roller that helps to relieve tension at its source.

    5. This lavender-scented wheat-filled body wrap can be heated up in the microwave and is flexible enough to use around the whole body!

    6. This soothing muscle rub gel is full of helpful essential oils including lavender, peppermint, and thyme to provide some much-needed relief.

    7. Take all of your worries out on this simply adorable kitty-shaped stress ball!

    8. Soothe headaches by using this peppermint and lavender roll-on stick – its scent is totally worth obsessing over.

    9. This set of shower steamers are perfect if you're in need of some aromatherapy. Simply pop one on the floor of your shower or place it underwater for a delightful aromatic experience.

    10. This wine glass holder has suction cups so you can easily attach it onto any wall. Perfect for those nights in when all you want is a bubble bath and a glass of your favourite red.

    11. Help yourself relax with this little book of meditation! It requires only ten minutes a day and provides affirming exercises to aid mindfulness and positive thinking.

    12. Who needs a masseuse when you could have this compact massage ball? It features an ergonomic, easy-grip handle, so releasing stress has never been simpler.

    13. Enjoy the calmness of the night sky thanks to this USB-rechargeable dimmable moon lamp that'll look good placed anywhere in your home!

    14. If reading is your favourite form of relaxation, why not unwind with this comfy reading pillow that has an ergonomic design to help support your back as the day goes on!

    15. Relax and unwind with these Himalayan bath salts! They're packed with magnesium, calcium, and sodium to deeply cleanse the body and skin.

    16. This colouring book has 100 images to choose from, so you can find comfort in the Disney magic and shut the world away for a little while.

    17. This gin making kit is sure to come in handy when you've for some free time! The instructions are easy to follow and it comes with everything you need (minus the vodka) to make your fave boozy drink!

    18. Some super nourishing and calming massage oil that you (or someone you love) can apply to areas causing you tension, helping to provide some well-deserved comfort.

    19. This cooling compression eye mask will help save you on those overly stressful days. It's perfect for soothing headaches and eye strain.

    20. If crafting is how you like to relax, then you'll love this bohemian-style scrapbooking kit. It comes with everything you need – including stickers and glitter glue pens – to help you treasure special memories.

    21. Spice up your next yoga session with these wooden dice that'll provide you with thousands of possible combinations!

    22. This incredibly soothing selection of organic herbal teas is perfect for when you need an extra little pick-me-up.

    23. This paint-by-numbers kit is a fun and soothing way to help you create some art you can be proud of this lockdown!