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    18 Blast-From-The-Past Products To Help You Have Nostalgic Fun During Lockdown

    We're taking it all the way back!

    1. A miniature handheld console with an LCD screen and 100 nostalgic retro games for you to enjoy.

    2. Or if you're after a two-player option, why not give this retro arcade machine a go? It's got 300 games to play from and can even be plugged into the TV!

    3. Relive some nostalgic memories thanks to this Gameboy-inspired glass that, when filled with a cold drink, will reveal a game start screen!

    4. This super-addictive electric shock game is best played with friends and family – all you have to do is watch for the light to change colour and quickly push your button to avoid being electrocuted!

    5. Take a trip down memory lane with this memory game kit that has everything you need to build the most nostalgic game ever! Did we mention singing and dancing is involved?!

    6. You'll be singing "ice, ice, baby" once this snow cone and slushie maker is in your hands! Perfect for the upcoming weather, you'll be able to creates snow cones, slushies, or even ice-cool cocktails!

    7. Got a sweet tooth? Then you'll just love this retro sweets hamper that's jam-packed with all of your favourite childhood treats!

    8. This smartphone magnifier is styled like a retro TV and works as a mini projector – enlarging your phone's screen to eight inches!

    9. Think you know your video games? Challenge your loved ones to this ultimate video game trivia quiz that'll have them scratching their heads.

    10. Calling all '90s kids! This ultra-fun game of '90s bingo comes with 64 tokens, 12 randomised bingo cards, and instructions on how to play (if you didn't know already).

    11. Think you'd survive high school life in the '80s? Take it all the way back with this retro board game that'll have you competing for as many cool points as possible.

    12. This Crash Bandicoot Uka Uka mug will bring some welcome nostalgia to your kitchen cupboard.

    13. Add a vintage touch to your dinner table with these personalised vinyl record placements that'll add some fun to your evening meals!

    14. Got some extra time on your hands? Upgrade your phone's speaker system with this mini amp kit that contains all the components you need as well as easy-to-follow instructions, so you can get stuck in!

    15. Let the Magic 8 ball decide your fate in this hilariously fun-to-play drinking game!

    16. Where's Wally? No thanks. It's all about Where's Bowie? if you ask me. Spend some time trying to find Ziggy Stardust himself, and have heaps of fun doing it!

    17. Miss going to the arcade with your friends as a kid? Treat yourself to some good old nostalgia thanks to this instant air hockey kit that turns any smooth table into an air hockey table!

    18. If you had a Tamagotchi when you were younger than you'll probably *love* this Virtual Pet! Choose from 32 different pets while away some time taking care of them.