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    37 Of The Best Tech And Gadgets To Get Your Loved Ones This Christmas

    From headphones to gaming accessories!

    1. The Echo Show 5 can stream TV shows and play music, alongside managing their calendar and fetching recipes.

    2. They'll be able to track their belongings by ringing their Tile Pro when its within 400ft of them! There's also an app they can use to view their Tile's most recent location if their items are out of Bluetooth range.

    3. If they're always complaining about getting up in the morning, this Philips wake-up alarm clock has a sunrise simulation feature to help them wake up feeling more energised!

    4. Put a smile on their face this year with these Apple AirPods. They're Siri-compatible and the sound quality is incredibly crisp.

    5. Help your loved ones stay connected with this mini Portal from Facebook! It's compatible with Alexa, WhatsApp, and Messenger, and is ideal for staying in touch over the holidays.

    6. This super-fast 4-in-1 magnetic portable charging station will look pretty suave on their nightstand.

    7. Increase their home security with this easy-to-install Ring doorbell. It's motion-activated in records in HD video.

    8. Keep your little ones entertained with this Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet. It holds up to 32GB of data and has access to thousands of kid-friendly books, TV shows, and educational apps.

    9. This gaming headset has a noise-cancelling microphone and an extremely comfortable design – perfect for their long gaming sessions.

    10. If they're into their fitness, chances are they're going to love this waterproof smartwatch. It'll track their exercise activity, daily steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. It also receives calls and texts!

    11. For the aspiring photographer in the household, this 11-in-1 universal smartphone camera lens kit will make their smartphone pictures look like they were taken by a pro!

    12. Whether they like to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean or the sweet vocals of Harry Styles, this Bluetooth sleeping mask has a built-in HD speaker to help them get some rest.

    13. Turn their home into a mini cinema thanks to this portable mini projector. It's compatible with tons of devices (including gaming consoles) and has a max display of up to 180 inches.

    14. These wireless earphones are perfect for working out! They've got an ergonomic design that makes them super comfortable to wear and boast an eight-hour playtime.

    15. The PC gamer in your family will absolutely love this backlit gaming keyboard headset and mouse. They have an ergonomic design to ensure comfort while playing.

    16. Any fan of retro games is sure to love Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. It even comes with a tote bag that's perfect if they're a fan of the series.

    17. This 23-in-1 pack of accessories for their Nintendo Switch can be used to play a wide variety of games! Super Mario Smash Bros anyone?

    18. This dual PS5 controller charging station is ideal for that person who was lucky enough to get one of the consoles.

    19. These LED strip backlights will help give their bedroom that extra va-va-voom.

    20. Become the cool aunt or uncle this Christmas when you gift your niece or nephew this Fujifilm Instax Mini camera bundle!

    21. This Phillips compact air purifier removes up to 99.5% of dirt and dust particles in the air and gets rid of unwanted odours too.

    22. If your mum is an avid coffee drinker, this electric milk frother and warmer will help turn her into the barista of the household!

    23. They'll be able to make their own soups, juices, and smoothies with this nifty hand blender. It has variable speed settings and is dishwasher safe.

    24. If they've been complaining about neck and back pains due to WFH, this Shiatsu heating massager that helps relieve muscle tension is sure to be a winner.

    25. This ten-inch ring light with an extendable tripod is going to be perfect for your younger niece who loves to post her beauty tutorials on TikTok.

    26. Doesn't this wooden bedside radio alarm clock look incredibly sleek? It doubles as a wireless charger too.

    27. This record player won't just play their favourite vinyl, it can also connect via Bluetooth to their smartphone so they can listen to Folklore by Taylor Swift retro-style!

    28. If they like their clothes to look clean and crisp, they'll probably love this fast-heating portable steamer that removes wrinkles in no time.

    29. This portable electric desk fan heater is going to be great for your housemate who's always complaining about being cold. It has custom settings to match their preference as well as an automatic shut-off timer.

    30. They'll be able to stream their favourite shows straight to their TV with this Amazon Alexa-compatible Fire Stick!

    31. This compact phone sanitiser will kill up to 99.9% of bacteria using UV light! It can be used on their glasses, keys, wallet, and other small objects.

    32. This motion-activated toilet night-light has built-in UV sterilisation and an air freshener to keep their bathroom smelling fresh.

    33. This pair of light-up chopsticks will be perfect for your housemate who loves eating sushi!

    34. I'm insanely jealous of whoever you gift this 3-in-1 stainless-steel egg cooker to. It's a must-have for making boiled, poached, or even omelettes.

    35. This reusable notebook is ideal for tech-lovers! They can write in it with the provided pen, and then scan the page and upload it to any other device. Once they're finished, they can then wash the page and use it again.

    36. This automatic pet feeder has a built-in programmable timer, can play voice-recorded messages for their furry friends, and even has an infrared design to prevent spillage!

    37. Finally, treat your sister to this sonic facial cleansing brush. It has 15 different vibration speeds, and can be used with most cleansing products!