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    26 Useful And Adorable Products For Your Office That Are Somehow Under £10

    Cheap and nifty products that'll make you want to go into work? YES PLEASE.

    1. This multifunctional elephant stand will hold your stationery and look after your phone!

    2. These animal-shaped paper clips are not only adorable, they're super useful too!

    3. These gel rollerball cat pens are honestly ~purrfect.~

    4. An A4 weekly planner for the person who prefers *not* having everything live on their smartphone.

    5. A portable mini panda stapler that'll make you say "aww" every time you use it!

    6. A battery-operated handheld vacuum to clean your desk and keyboard from all of those crumbs.

    7. A USB-powered mini desk fan for when the office gets a little *too* hot.

    8. This witches' brew cauldron mug for when all you want to do is hex Linda from accounting but you opt for a cuppa instead.

    9. A handheld mirror to make sure you don't have any food stuck in your teeth during your next performance review!

    10. Keep your wires organised AF with this cute and compact cord organiser!

    11. A super nifty cactus humidifier for when the air in the office gets a little too dry.

    12. Bee-loof in yourself with this super sweet mousepad that'll have you buzzing like a happy little bee!

    13. A motivational water bottle to keep you hydrated even on those stressful office days.

    14. This 12-pack of incredibly appealing sticky notes that'll have co-workers in awe every time they come to your desk.

    15. A galaxy-inspired fidget cube for when you've got a big presentation coming up and you totally forgot to prepare the night before.

    16. This floral expanding file folder is not only super pretty, it can also hold up to 170 sheets of paper!

    17. This wonderfully sturdy PC and laptop monitor stand so you don't have to keep slouching at your desk.

    18. These novelty erasers that look like detergent will help *clean* up your mistakes!

    19. A USB-rechargeable hand-warmer that'll make you *squeal* with joy every time you use it.

    20. These pastel cat highlighters are simply claw-some!

    21. A karate student sticky-note dispenser that's been reviewed over 1,500 times.

    22. An eight-piece portable cutlery set for when the knives and forks go MIA in the office.

    23. A pair of sleek and stylish over-ear headphones so you can block out any unwanted noise while you answer emails.

    24. This Friends wellness tracker will be there for you, when the rain starts to pour!

    25. This kawaii milk carton pencil case that's sure to make your co-workers super jealous.

    26. A 100% natural cotton blanket to snuggle up in for when the office feels like a walk-in freezer.