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8 Thoughts On Being A Commuter College Kid And Trying To Make Friends

According to CACUSS Canada’s National College Health Assessment in 2016 over 70% of college kids reported feeling “lonely” in the past year.

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1. It’s extremely hard to meet new people because everyone still hangs out with their high school clique.

Over the last couple years I’ve been able to make quite a few friends through classes and student clubs but expanding my social circle has been hard. I can’t make fast friends in a pub or chat someone up in the library.

2. You've gotten used to being surrounded by "semester friends"


Semester Friend: A person in your class who only associates with you in order to become more familiarized with the course and assignments

5. Where are all the boys???


Upon embarking on my journey into the deep waters of the friendzone the first thing I realized was that…99.9% of Bumble BFFs were female. I’m all about girl power but hello don’t guys want more friends too?

6. OMG there are lots of commuter kids on here

Turns out that a lot of Bumblers felt the same way. A lot of young women were proactively trying to expand their social circle. It was a lot easier to chat online then try to squeeze in some conversation once a week before or after lecture

7. Finding a Bestie with the same taste in alcohol is hard!

Online dating is hard enough do we really need to add another layer to the confusion? It also gets more complicated when Bumble doesn’t differentiate romantic interests from BFF interests. Keeping multiple chats going simultaneously can become very overwhelming.

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