20 Things Olympians Are Doing During The Off-Season

Besides training. Sure, we won’t see the torch until February of next year, but we can still get answers to important questions like What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, Sundays 10|9c on E!

1. Getting their ballroom dance on

Aly Raisman / Via instagram.com

Aly Raisman joins the list of Olympians who compete (and often win) a Mirror Ball trophy.

2. Pretending to adopt tiny pigs

Tom Daley / Via instagram.com

Tom Daley convinced the internet that he had a new a new pet in his life. Unfortunately, it was an early April Fools’ gag.

3. Learning a new sport

Martin Meissner / AP

Lolo Jones, most known for hurdling, has been training in bobsled for the upcoming winter games. Because apparently when you’re a fantastic athlete, you can just decide, “I’m now going be amazing at this completely different thing, too.”

4. …or taking up golf

Most retired people take up golf, so Michael Phelps isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.

5. Attending all the award shows

Gabby Douglas / Via instagram.com

OFFICIAL PETITION: Gabby Douglas should make appearances at everything.

6. Admiring their fridges

Hope Solo has two gold medals and no shortage of caffeine.

7. Enjoying some much-deserved me time

Danell Leyva / Via instagram.com

Yes, adult male/olympian Danell Leyva likes bubbles.

8. Spreading the “Jeah”

Ryan Lochte / Via instagram.com

Ryan Lochte is doing many things. This is just one of them.

9. Landing sponsorships

Mckayla Maroney / Via instagram.com

Mckayla Maroney is not not impressed with 7 Up.

10. Receiving participation certificates

Nathan Adrian / Via instagram.com

Not just for children who were in a science fair.

11. …and olympic yearbooks

But signatures are so hard to get once everyone goes home :-(

12. Doing the Harlem Shake

(But really, who hasn’t?)

13. Getting a serious education

Alex Morgan found the best book ever.

14. Playing in colored powder

Serious athletes aren’t above any of this ridiculousness. (Tyler Scott Clay found this color at the end of Color Me Rad 5K.)

15. Cheating on their diets (sometimes)

Danell Leyva / Via instagram.com

Hey, they’re only human.

16. Vining!

View this embed ›

This is a very important skill.

Danell Leyva / Via Twitter: @DanellJLeyva

17. Winning other awards

“Congrats, gold medalist David Boudia! We knew you could do it.”

18. Publishing a second memoir

Evan Agostini / AP

Gabby Douglas cannot be stopped. Nope. Never. She continues to do everything.

19. But mostly they’re waking up stupid-early

Jordyn Wieber / Via instagram.com

20. So they can train for the next games

They’re only… I don’t know… years away?

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