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12 Things We're Not Used To Seeing Out Of Water

Not all fish out of water are fish. Sometimes they're swimmers, and sometimes they answer questions like What Would Ryan Lochte Do?. Sundays 10|9c on E!

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1. Synchronized swimmers

NBC / Via

Nope. Go back under. Annnnnnnd stay there.

2. Pirate ships

Walt Disney / Via

Silly magical ship thinks it's an airplane.

3. Pirates

Walt Disney / Via

Once they hit land, we should refer to them as "bearded thieves."

4. Scuba divers

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Wet suits weren't meant to be dry. Exploration awaits!

5. Mermaids

Walt Disney / Via

Ariel, those gadgets and gizmos aplenty miss you.

6. Dolphins

20th Century Fox / Via

They just want to hang out with all the other mammals.

7. Ryan Lochte

E! / Via

We're used to seeing most swimmers in only a speedo. But that's clearly just

the beginning.

8. Otters!

For additional cuteness, just add water.

9. Snorks

NBC / Via

If they spend too much time above water, these guys transform into Smurfs.

10. Fish


This is a mudskipper. It's amphibious... but should probably just stay submerged.

11. Submarines

Touchstone Pictures / Via

It's just not the same when these aren't looking at super-cool sea life.

12. Sea turtles

BBC Africa / Via

"Sea" is in your name—go back to your home!