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    Julian Banks And Snoop Dogg Team Up For New Single

    Julian Banks And Snoop Dogg Collaboration.

    We first caught wind of the buzz-building collaboration during Banks' pre-EDC set in Las Vegas at The Venetian. Since then we've discovered that the hip-hop legend and burgeoning DJ will likely release their upcoming single next month.

    It's a savvy move by Snoop, broadening his audience and aligning himself with the younger generation amidst a constantly shifting musical landscape. Banks has proven his ability to take the illustrative and rhythmic signifiers of early hip-hop and infuse them into the surging soundscapes and sinister drum-rim pulses found in contemporary trap music.

    His massive social media following and dedicated fanbase also indicate the public's welcome transition from fist-pumping big room electro to grittier bass music and tightly wound beats. Many of his new tracks expertly bridge this gap, reorienting traditional pop music through a seamless blend of rap production and dance melodies into radio-ready grooves.

    Judging by previous releases, the song will undoubtedly become a Vegas-ready summer anthem that showcases Banks' penchant for crafting intricate, and genre-defying trap beats, and the seasoned flow of Snoop's infectious rhymes. Stay tuned for more updates!

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