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Finding The Best Pet Sitter For Your Furbaby

How to find a great sitter for your pet.

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Where to Start?

Finding the right pet sitter for your pet can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. If you give careful consideration to the type of service you need, research the best service providers for that service, and conduct a thorough interview, you’ll find a great sitter for your pet.

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What do Pet Sitting Services Offer?

Depending on the provider and the service level you choose, your sitter may offer something as simple as a quick stop or two during the day, to a full-fledged housesitting situation. To select the right service for your pet, consider your pet’s needs.

Ask yourself these questions. How often do I need someone to be with my pets? Is feeding my pets as simple as scooping dry food, or do my pets have specific dietary needs? How social are my pets with strangers? Will it take them a while to get to know a new sitter or will they take to them right away?

Which Pet Service is Right for You?

The best pet sitter service depends on your pet. Do you have dogs that need walked, or cats that only require feeding a checking a couple times a day? Or do you have pets with special needs, such as exotics who require special feeding and care. How you answer these questions will determine the right pet service for you. Then, you can evaluate providers. First, ensure the pet sitting company offers the services you need. Then consider their reviews and testimonials.

Is the Service Provider Reputable?

After you’ve found a provider who offers the service you need, you then need to evaluate if the service provider is reputable. After all, you wouldn’t trust your pet to a second-rate provider with poor reviews, would you? Make sure to check references, and in the best-case scenario, ask people you trust for recommendations.

The Interview

The interview is the last step in the process, but perhaps the most important. The person you choose will not only have access to your home, but will be entrusted with your precious pet. Make sure that the person not only checks all your boxes, but that they click with you and your pets in person. Follow these steps to find the right pet sitter for your family.

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