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    Five Things Only An Old Millennial Baby-Sitters Club Fan Can Understand

    Prepare to Feel Old...

    1. Has it Really Been 25 Years Since Clueless?

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    Alicia Silverstone (Cher Horowitz) is playing Kristy’s mother. If that is not enough to make those of us of a certain age feel old, I don’t know what will.

    2. That Phone.... / Via

    When I was the age of the characters, that phone was the epitome of cool. What made it cooler was that Claudia not only had her phone, she had her own phone number. The kids today who are automatically gifted with the latest iPhone have no idea what a status symbol having a phone in your room was in the1990’s.

    3. Girl Power!

    Gifphy / Via Gifphy

    It was a feminist story without hitting the reader over the head. The girls were independent, entrepreneurial, and not relying on the boys around them. There were plot lines about having crushes and boyfriends, but it was usually a secondary or tertiary narrative.

    4. Representation Matters

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    It was an attempt at diversity. Though most of the character are White, the fact that Claudia, Jessi, and Abby were part of the narrative was a small, but important step in representation.

    5. Babysitting at 13...

    Giphy / Via Giphy

    These girls were incredibly mature. Looking back, I highly doubt that anyone would have wanted me to babysit their kids when I was 13.

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