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We Tried $18 Wine Vs. $1,000 Wine To Enjoy The Finer Things In Life

"I am a seasoned wine taster."

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To continue their three-part series and adventures in Australia, the Worth It guys decided to try $18, $35, and $1,000 wine and things got fancy real quick:

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Their first pitstop was Tahbilk Winery in Nagambie, Victoria, where fourth-generation winemaker, Alister Purbrick showed them their well-known 2016 Marsanne white wine.

Instead of the wine being fermented in oak wood, the Marsanne was fermented in steel. They also made sure to exclude oxygen throughout the process to help showcase the diversity of flavorful tastes.

The second place the guys headed to was Fowles Wine in Avenel, Victoria. Here the Chief Storyteller, Ian Firth, introduced the guys to $35 Shiraz, Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch.

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Firth's description of what a "Chief Storyteller" is, is someone who has no qualifications they just really love all of us.

Since the winery was in a much cooler climate, it allowed the fruit time to develop giving the wine intense flavors.

Their last (and most expensive) visit was at All Saints Estate Winery in Wahgunyah, Victoria. The owner and winemaker, Nick Brown, showed these guys the finer things in life by treating them to two $1,000 bottles of wine.

All Saints Estate Winery specialized in adding more alcohol into the wine by stopping the yeast during the process. Both wines the guys tasted were blends with with flavors that have been fermented for over 100 years.

The first wine the guys tried was Museum Muscadelle, the second was Museum Muscat.

Andrew's winner was the second one the minute he heard the name of the wine.

Steven reiterated or Steven insisted that he’s not a fancy person even though his favorite wine was the most expensive.