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We Ate Steak Ranging From $16 To $150 In Australia See Which Was Worth It

"I want to stay here and enjoy this for the rest of my life."

Remember that time when we had steak? Well, we're ending our three-part Australia Worth It adventure by having steak again, baby! Check it out:

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First up, the cheapest option was The Clovelly Hotel on Clovelly Beach. On Wednesdays, this place offered a steak plate for only $16 AUS. What a bargain!

We tried the rump, the part of the cow located on the back of the shoulder. We were amazed at how simple seasoning can produce such extraordinary flavors within the meat.

Our next destination was Donovan's in St. Kilda to try a Tasmanian T-bone steak for $63 AUS.

The steak got a quick sear in a 350 degree celsius oven and was then left to rest for the juice to soak back in. Andrew felt like he was taking a bite from a wild animal.

Before we were off to our final location, we made a pit stop at a cow farm to meet some of the meat we were about to eat. David Blackmore, farm owner, showed us the intricacy in breeding Wagyu beef.

Our final destination was Rockpool Bar & Grill in the Sydney Central Business District to have two different steaks at $69 and $150 AUS. Two steaks?! This must be a dream come true.

The first steak that was served was the Chuck Eye steak, and is considered the most preferred piece of meat in the restaurant.

The second steak was the grass-fed sirloin, a highly marbled masterpiece. No words could describe how AMAZING this plate of protein was.

Was it the Worth It winner? For Steven, it was the Chuck Eye steak at Rockpool Bar & Grill; however, for Andrew and Adam, the Worth It winner was Donovan's Tasmanian T-bone. And that's a wrap with our trip in Australia! Before you go, we have one last question for YOU!