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10 Things That Will Definitely Cause The Apocalypse

Asteroid? Nuclear War? The Rapture? Nope. Small fishes, compared to what destruction the things on this list will bring. Be sure to catch World War Z - in theaters this Friday.

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1. When dogs and cats become pals, surely existence as we know it will cease to be.

2. A worldwide bacon shortage would incite a world's end disaster on the scale of World War Z.


Back in 2012, there was a bacon shortage threat. People rioted in the streets. Not even Brad Pitt could cope with this.

3. When we finally figure out which way this lady is actually spinning.

4. When ducks start taking selfies and making "humanface"


Get it? Instead of duckface? It would rip a hole in the universe.

5. When cats can no longer land gracefully on their feet, it means that something is not well with the universe.


Stay on your guard. World War Z is upon us.

6. When teens stop talking #only #in #hashtags.

7. Should the children start evolving at an alarming rate, seek refuge in the bomb shelter.


They're coming for you.

8. Same goes for pets, guys.

9. Grumpy cat. Smiling. This is truly the end.



10. How will the world end? Divine intervention? Nuclear war? World War Z zombies? This guy knows. And it's freaking him out.

Put your apocalypse hat on, because this is happening. Don't miss World War Z!

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