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13 Ways You Can Turn Your Hobby Into An Actual Job

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2. Do you cook and plate your food with the utmost attention to detail?


If #struggleplate isn't in your vocabulary, and you always produce beautifully arranged plates, then perhaps food styling is for you! Take your foodstagram #EEEATS into the professional realm.

3. Find yourself building things at meals with creamers and sugar packets?


Carpentry can lead you in many different directions and help you build things of different shapes and sizes. Harness that inner urge by giving carpentry a try.

4. Are you the fitness expert of your friend group?

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Turn your casual passion for fitness into a way to help people. Many strive to know more about taking care of their bodies. Pick up some interesting info for next steps on personal training!

5. Have you fallen completely in love with 3D printing and maker culture?

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3D printing is a new phenomenon and even an obsession for some — but it's actually been around for decades. Industrial designers do the same thing, but across a wide variety of mediums. From chairs to toasters to the device you're reading this on, an industrial designer has worked hard to take each product from concept to reality.

6. Were you always the lead on school projects?


A construction manager sees the bigger picture and leads others to achieve the desired product. Translate the leadership skills you used in school to work on a bigger scale as a construction manager.

7. Do you unapologetically live for the finer things in life?

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Fine dining, luxury Those who can't do, teach — and those who can't afford lavishly expensive things become lifestyle consultants. Lifestyle consulting consists of planning events, wine tastings, and trying out new restaurants all in an effort to provide premium recommendations for your client.

8. Is sleeping your #1 jam?


Help research take another giant step forward by being a bed rest test subject. Space research associations need to learn more about how human bodies react to being asleep for extended periods of time. If getting out of bed in the morning is your least favorite thing, then snoozing your way to a new job is for you.

9. Cringe at the sound of a running toilet or a leaky faucet?


Plumbers make the world a better place by making such an important resource available and working to decrease water waste for future generations.

10. Do you hack computers and technological infrastructure just for laughs?

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Use your evil hacking powers for good by hacking for tech companies. Software makers constantly test their software to make sure it isn't vulnerable to cybercriminals. Help defend the world from piracy!

11. Did you love designing and decorating your dollhouses as a child?

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Production designers help develop a visual style for film and television. From dollhouses to the silver screen, each discipline requires acute attention to detail and a miraculously creative mind.

13. Only trust yourself with your tresses?


Hair is such a powerful aspect of self-expression, and a hairdresser is the ultimate artist. Use your creativity and styling confidence to help others showcase who they really are.

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