• 1. Ghost Hunter

    Ghost Hunter

    Bad because you might be murdered by demonic apparitions, but great because paranoid rich people pay a lot for this service and nobody has been killed…yet.

  • 2. Fluffer


    Your job is to keep the male participants in porn movies “ready” and “clean up” in between takes, but it may put you in the best position (pun intended) to score a date with a voracious female porn star.

  • 3. Waterboy


    As Adam Sandler proved, you’ll likely start off as the most under-appreciated member of the sports team you decide to hydrate. But at least you get the best seat at every game.

  • 4. Circus Elephant Trainer

    Circus Elephant Trainer

    Most of your job likely entails picking up mounds of elephant turd, but I bet the flexible circus trapeze artists get pretty lonely on those cross-country train tours…

  • 5. Priest


    Bad if you love sex. Great if you love wine and crackers more.

  • 6. Telemarketer


    Trying to sell people things over the phone is never easy. You’ll get a lot hang-ups and people yelling at you, but at least they can’t see you over the phone! And you can goof off with your friends on slow dialing days, like the guys on “Workaholics.” Watch them party hardy and hardly work on Comedy Central. Season Two premieres September 20th at 10:30 ET.