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10 Struggles Anyone Trying To Be Healthy Can Relate To

Why can't a glass of wine count as exercise?

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1. When after-work drinks come around and you say you'll just go for one...

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2. ...but then you end up having a few.

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And getting a kebab on the way home at 3am.

3. When everyone orders chips and you say no, but you end up taking all the chips from your friend who did order them.

4. You buy a whole bunch of fruit only for it to go untouched. / Via

It's OK. At least you tried.

5. Sometimes the most active you get with your activewear is just putting it on.

6. When you finally sign up for new classes at the gym...


7. ...and then think after one session you'll never have to work out again.

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8. You find new ways to politely decline things you're trying to avoid when people offer them to you.

9. You then spend hours debating what to cook...


10. ...only to end up ordering pizza.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

Woolworths and Michelle Bridges have teamed up to create Delicious Nutritious, a range of frozen meals, all with three serves of veg and less than 450 calories. Look for them in the freezer section of Woolies.

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