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16 Stages Of Hosting Christmas Lunch With Your Family

"I volunteer as host!" Make your Christmas lunch one to remember with fresh ingredients from Woolworths.

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1. You tell yourself you'll be organised this year, and on December 1 you begin planning the menu.

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2. You start looking up recipes, but the options are paralysing and you JUST. CAN'T. DEAL. So, you put it off until tomorrow.


3. The next thing you know, it's Christmas Eve and you still haven't decided what to cook.

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4. You pull yourself together and check the fridge for inspiration. You stare at the contents for 10 minutes, but alas, nothing magically appears.


5. Since you don't have a whole turkey or a ham just lying around, you quickly run down to the shops.

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6. You stay up all night preparing, and by sunrise you're filled with a mix of fear and delusional confidence.

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7. You spend the morning putting the final touches on your Christmas decorations, aka cleaning and decorating the entire house.

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8. You look at the clock and suddenly, somehow, it's midday and your family is starting to arrive.

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9. Since you're already stressed, you figure now is the perfect time to start experimenting.

10. This obviously works out GREAT for you.


11. Like, really great.


12. But it's OK because you bought a few backup items at the supermarket, in case of ~emergency~.


13. Your guests kindly offer to give you a hand in the kitchen. / AmazingPhil / danisnotonfire / Via

14. Eventually, by some miracle, lunch is ready to serve. And by golly it looks tasty.

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15. Which is good, 'cause your whole family is waiting for their food like:

16. After all that, when you finally sit down for lunch, you realise you're not even hungry anymore. Not that it stops you.

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Make all the food you serve on Christmas Day famous, with fresh ingredients from Woolworths!