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Back-To-School Lunch 3-Ways

Start your kid’s school year with these back-to-school bento boxes 3-ways! Discover at Woolies.

Butterfly Quesadillas

Serves 4


STEP 1: Poach the chicken by placing the breast in a pot, and cover with cold water. Bring to a simmer, then turn down heat to low and poach for 10 minutes or until cooked through. Set aside to cool.

STEP 2: Once the chicken is cool enough to handle, shred into bite sized pieces.

STEP 3: Place the four tortillas on a board and spread each half with 1 tsp BBQ sauce.

STEP 4: Divide shredded chicken evenly between the four tortilla halves, top each with two slices of avocado and 1 tbsp of shredded cheese.

STEP 5: Toast the tortillas in a sandwich press until the cheese has melted and they are golden on top.

STEP 6: Slice each quesadilla in half to form the butterfly wings.

STEP 7: Cut the cucumber into 2 long sticks and two small sticks, this will become the body of the butterfly. Do the same with the carrot.

STEP 8: Use a knife to carefully make an incision in the base of the tomato, slide one long carrot stick into the tomato incision. Make two small incisions at the top of the tomato, slide the two small cucumber sticks into the top.

STEP 9: Repeat with remaining tomato and vegetable sticks until you have four butterfly quesadillas.

Sushi Beach Balls

Serves 4


1 Cup Sushi Rice

2 Tbsp Rice Vinegar

3 Tbsp Beetroot Juice

¼ Carrot, chopped

2 Tsp Broccoli Powder

¼ Continental Cucumber, chopped

¼ Avocado, chopped

100g Tofu mixed with 1 tbsp salt reduced soy sauce

1 Seaweed Sheet cut into thin lengths


STEP 1: Cook the sushi rice, once cooked stir through 1 tsp of rice vinegar. Set aside to cool slightly.

STEP 2: Place ¼ carrot and ¼ cup of water into a blender and blend until smooth.

STEP 3: Place 2 tsp broccoli powder and ¼ cup water into a jug and mix to combine.

STEP 4: Divide the rice into four bowls.

STEP 5: In the first bowl, add 3 tbsp of beetroot juice and stir to combine.

STEP 6: In the second bowl, add 3 tbsp of carrot mixture and stir to combine.

STEP 7: In the third bowl, add 3 tbsp of broccoli mixture and stir to combine.

STEP 8: Use wet hands to shape the four separate colours into medium sized rice balls, firmly pressing the rice into the ball shape.

STEP 9: Use a sharp knife to cut one of the coloured balls in half, do the same with another coloured ball.

STEP 10: Use your finger to press a small hole into the middle of one of the halves, fill with a small amount of avocado and cucumber. Do the same with the other half, filling this one with tofu.

STEP 11: Use your hands to press the two sides together to make a ball.

STEP 12: Decorate the balls with the cut-up strips of seaweed to bring the beach balls to life! Serve with soy sauce.

Kitten Falafel Wraps

Serves 7


1 Packet Falafel Mix

7 Tbsp Hummus

7 Leaves Of Green Oakleaf Lettuce

7 Solanato Tomatoes, quartered + 2 extra tomatoes, sliced

7 Wholegrain Wraps

¼ Carrot, cut into matchsticks

14 Sliced Black Olives


Vanilla Yoghurt Pouch

Lentil Bites


6 Raspberries

6 Blueberries


STEP 1: Empty the falafel mix into a bowl and — following all instructions on the box — add 200ml of hot water, stand for 10 minutes then shape into 14 small balls, flattening each one. Pan fry or bake until golden.

STEP 2:Take one wrap and fold the base towards the centre, then take each side and fold into the centre. Turn the wrap so the back is facing you, take scissors and cut two triangles into the top of the wrap. This will make the kitten shape.

STEP 3:Unwrap your wrap, place 1 tbsp of humus in the centre, followed by one leaf of lettuce, two falafel balls slightly pressing down each falafel, then top with tomato and fold up into kitten shape.

STEP 4:Use a small amount of hummus in the centre of the wrap to stick down the tomato nose and carrot whiskers. Add sliced olives to make the eyes.