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5 Small Ways To Create The Perfect Ambiance For Me Time

It's the little things that matter.

Life can be hectic so it's important to take time for yourself. But how do you maximize your me time? By creating a calming self-care ambiance that engages all of your senses, of course. From setting up your space to picking out the perfect WoodWick candle, here's how you can best do this:

1. Select the perfect space for your oasis

Bathroom mirror and sink

2. Put on your favorite playlist

Woman listening to music on headphones

3. Dim the lighting to match the mood

WoodWick candles

4. Pick out an indulgent drink or snack

Glass with lavender

5. Gather all your nicest-looking things

Woman journaling

Make sure you take time for yourself this holiday season. And when you do, keep a candle from WoodWick's winter collection nearby for the ultimate self-care experience.

WoodWick candles in living room