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13 Signs Gal Gadot Might Actually Be Wonder Woman IRL

Honestly tho.

ICYMI, Gal Gadot is an incredible actress, model, and mother of two. Additionally, she shares some very suspicious traits with the actual Wonder Woman, which has caused us all to wonder...

1. For starters, Gal's a wonderful woman in general.

2. She's got her own Justice League (of awesome friends).

3. She's got superhuman speed...

4. ...and agility.

5. She talks to animals.

6. She can fly.

7. She has a military background.

8. She's a humanitarian.

9. Her combat skills are out of this world.

10. She's an icon of female empowerment.

11. And she always needs her superhero juice before she can stop evil villains.

12. Come to think of it...have you ever seen them in the same room together? Honestly, Gal Gadot really might be Diana Prince, princess of the Amazons.

13. The best part? She's got her very own Superman, and they just had their second little superhero to follow in her wonderful footsteps.

The verdict? Gal = Wonder Woman. Whatever you do, don't miss the all-new Wonder Woman, in theatres 1 June!

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