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16 Lovely Greeting Cards Featuring Donald Trump Quotes

The most beautiful thing about Donald Trump is that he’s got a quote for every special occasion in your life. Who knew?

This Mother's Day card that expresses how you really feel about Mom:

This anniversary card that will show your partner just how you feel about your relationship:

And this one with some words of wisdom for the proud graduate:

This card that's just right for celebrating a baby boy:

And this one that's perfect for a new baby girl:

This very politically correct holiday card:

This one that expresses the true depth of your sympathy:

This engagement card that the two lovebirds will certainly remember forever:

This one that will really get your point across during the holiest month of the year for Muslims:

This card that will make your Valentine's heart skip a beat:

This card that almost anyone would be thankful to receive:

This one that the lovely birthday girl won't soon forget:

This Labor Day card about the American workforce that really just speaks for itself:

And this card that offers some special words for your favorite newlyweds:

This Earth Day card that will show just how much you really care about the environment:

This truly scary Halloween card:

Phew! That was legitimately horrifying! Let’s stop Trump. Join the Women Vote! Movement to find out more.