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Keeping Healthy At Uni: 6 Q's Every Student Should Think About

Keeping healthy at uni is not so easy. The variable, often busy and sometimes chaotic schedule of an average student's week, can really mess with your diet, sleep pattern AND exercise schedule. But it is hugely important to keep healthy, both to improve academic performance, and for general well-being - both physical and mental. So here are some questions you can ask yourself regarding your health, and tips to help improve/maintain it!

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1. Am I Eating a Balanced Diet?

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Make sure you get the right amount of different food types. Try to have a varied diet - avoid eating the same things every day just 'cos it's quick/cheap/the only thing you know how to make! You can find plenty of stuff online for new food ideas (that won't break your bank). Don't be afraid to learn to cook something new.

2. What do I actually WANT to eat?

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If you're trying to live healthier, it's easy to fall into the trap of choosing foods that are pretty healthy, but that you don't actually like! So you end up abandoning your worthy goals out of pure boredom... Ask yourself, what healthy foods do you actually enjoy? What is your favourite fruit or meal? Plan healthy meals around what you enjoy! You'll actually look forward to eating it and staying healthy. Simple!

3. Am I Eating at the Right Times?

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Because of the ever-shifting weekly, even daily schedule, it's difficult to eat at consistent times. Which means we often don't eat the right things, don't snack smart, and aren't getting all the needed nutrients. So look at your schedule and try to plan as best you can around it, to fit in decent, healthy and filling meals. And snack smart! - things like nuts and dried fruit are great (Yes, WITHOUT being drowned in chocolate). But treat yourself now and then.

4. Am I Getting Enough Sleep?


Maybe all student can relate with long sleepless nights, for whatever reason - last minute essay writing, partying, or losing yourself in your favourite films... But you should try to get 7-9 hours sleep per night. And remember, sleep debt is REAL. Not sleeping right will impact on your physical health, your memory and mood. So set a reasonable time to dive into your duvet and forget the world.

5. Am I Making Enough Time For Exercise?


As students, we mostly do a lot of one thing.... in lectures, seminars, the cafeteria, at our desks, or in the library.... SITTING. We all know it's important to be active, but it's difficult to make the time and spare the effort for what can seem like another chore. Think of going to the gym like an extra class - schedule for it. Try working out in shorter but more regular sessions. Or maybe take up something new with a friend, like jujitsu or tennis. It'll make a huge difference and you'll enjoy it!

6. Am I Doing the Little Things?


Often the little things really count. Walk to lectures. Take the stairs rather than the lift. Stand up, stretch and move around every so often. Snack on your favourite fruit. Plan your days a little better. These are simple things, but the small things make a lot of difference.

Staying healthy at university can be tough, but it'll make a huge difference to your experience whilst here. Do the little things and pick a couple ideas to focus on and improve. You'll start to feel better, both physically and mentally. For tips on managing stress, you can also check out our article on "stress hacks".

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