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14 Cartoons That Explain Wolves Uni Life

Wolves Uni Life: it can make you laugh, cry, or both at the same time!

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1. When you see your best mate for the first time after the summer.

2. Student finance has come in, and you’re officially rich AF.

“Your money will arrive in your Bank Account within 3 working days. Login to your Student Finance account if you need to check any details.” 😍

3. But then your rent comes out… and then you need to think about food, and other expenses… ugh, budgeting.

4. When you’ve had an AMAZING freshers, but realize you now have 3 essays due in 23 hours.

5. Meaning you have to go through the eternal struggle of navigating Canvas.

6. Those 3 essays aren’t going to write themselves, and your revision notes aren’t going to learn themselves either! So, you pull an all-nighter in the library.

7. You’ve been studying hard - but all those late-night Big Mac’s in the library have started to take their toll on your bank account, so every penny counts.

8. You've handed in your assignments, and took your exams... now you wait...

9. You've waited nervously, but your feedback is late AGAIN, so you're just sat there looking at e:vision.

10. When you FINALLY get that feedback, and you did well!

11. ...Or badly.

12. You and your friends have made it! It's the end of the year, and your mates are all going their separate ways for the summer.

13. You get to go home with the knowledge that you’re going to start all over again in a few months time.

14. OR, you actually have to find a job in the real world... I know, I don't want to either.

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