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    How Well Do You Know These Bronco Celebs?

    Famous alumni, famous alumni everywhere...

    1. 1. Which of the following is NOT true about Terry Crews?

      Benjo Arwas
    2. 2. What did Corey Davis study while attending WMU?

    3. 3. What was late alumna Marin Mazzie, B.S.’82, known for being?
    4. 4. Which of the following is a famous Bronco author who graduated with an M.A. in 2001 and wrote the Vampire Academy series?

    5. 5. What year did Danny DeKeyser graduate from WMU?

    6. 6. Which of these famous athletes helped win Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers?

    7. 7. Homer Stryker, M.D., was a 1916 graduate of WMU, who
    8. 8. Which of these smooth R&B hits from 1991 sent Luther Vandross home with a Grammy?

    9. 9. What year did Matt Giraud graduate from WMU?
    10. 10. Former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, B.S.’65, graduated from WMU with a degree in:
    11. 11. Which famous Bronco is known as "The Chin" for his defining facial feature?
    12. 12. Gwen Frostic, B.A.’29, namesake for the WMU School of Art, also has this accomplishment under her belt:
    13. 13. What year did Tim Allen receive an honorary degree from WMU?
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