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    A Letter From A Disabled Dad To His Little Girl

    A letter from me, a brain injury and stroke survivor, to my daughter.

    A Letter from a Disabled Dad to His Little Girl

    From A Disabled Dad to His Little Girl

    Dear Ellie,

    You are such a sweet and special girl. You are a precious little drop of joy from the God of the heavens himself. I love you so much, doodle, and also, I’m sorry.

    Your daddy was in a car accident a long time ago, and he’s not like other dads. He was seventeen years-old, and they don’t know what happened, but his car and another car hit each other head-on. Daddy hit his head, and now, he can’t walk right. Now, his left hand is a little weak, and his left leg is a little shaky.

    I’m sorry I’ll never be able to pick you up and walk you with in my arms. I’m sorry I will never be able to hold you and rock you. I’m sorry I’ll never be able to let you fall asleep on my chest and, then, tuck you in your bed. I’m sorry I will never be able to put you on my shoulders. I’m sorry you’ll never get to see the world from up there, and you’ll never be able to feel the sun on your face as you drum on your daddy’s head. I’m sorry you’ll never be able to run into Daddy’s arms and have him spin you in the sky.

    I’m sorry, kiddo. Your daddy is a little different, but I love you so much, doodle.

    There are times when Daddy is sad about this, times when Daddy wishes he could be like other dads. But you know, doodle bear, that every dad has their scars, has the thing that makes them different, makes them feel bad about who they are, and sometimes, kiddo, those things can be good.

    I hope you’ll forgive me for the things I can’t do, but I hope you see how what makes Daddy different can, hopefully, make your life good too.

    Daddy will never rush you. I know, Daddy doesn’t move too fast. Also, though, I will never rush you when struggle to get something, never push you too much when you feel like a failure. I know what it feels like when life knocks you down. If you fall or if you get the rug taken out from under you, I promise I will always hug you, always hold you close. I know what it is to feel small and less than. I am going to build you up; I am going to always use my words to remind you of how smart you are, how strong you are, how great you are, and baby girl, I will never let you think for a second that you are less than the best little girl in the world.

    Daddy’s injury has made him realize the importance of other people; I hope you see that too. Daddy has had to put his trust in God, has had to believe in a good Daddy above, and Ellie, I hope the same for you. Daddy has had to learn to not give up and to use the fire inside. I hope the lessons Daddy learned are ones you can see, and I hope those things make up for all the things I can’t do. Kiddo, I love you so much.

    Never forget how much your Daddy loves you. Never forget how much your Daddy wants you to have the best life.

    I love you, Ellie bear.