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11 Magic Cards That Are Not Having Any Of It

The saltiest cards in any deck.

1. This Homunculus who is not here for any of this.

2. This Amoeboid who is all of us at a party where we know no one.

3. "Could you please look at me while I'm talking?" - This guy.


4. This guy who is absolutely not here for your excuses.


5. This Gorger who has warned you repeatedly that you need to step back.

6. This yak who cannot take another second of this guy and his 'stache.

Not today.

7. This guy has had it up to here with this boar's nonsense.


8. Fblthp needs everyone to take it down a notch.

"STAHP." —Fblthp, here probably

9. This lady did not sign up for this.

How about no?

10. Zedruu only showed up so she could be sassy and fab.

11. That background bear is not here for anything this other bear is handing out.

Not. Here.

For. It.

And they are #SorryNotSorry for any of it.

There are entire worlds full of creatures who can’t even in Magic: The Gathering.