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14 Moments That Prove Shopping FOMO Is The Worst Kind Of FOMO

Missing out is bad. Missing out on a killer shopping experience? The worst.

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1. When you find out you paid full price for an item that was available for less elsewhere.

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2. When you grab something supposedly in your size, but it doesn't fit when you put it on later.

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3. When your friends go shopping without you.

4. And when you go together and buy the same thing, but you end up liking the color your friend chose more.

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5. When you buy your friend something cute, and then want it for yourself.

6. When you decide you're not going to buy something, but then your friend does.

7. Or when that "friend" borrows your clothes and gets complimented on it, but doesn't say it's yours.

8. When you pick something up and put it back, only to see someone else take it.

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9. Or you find the PERFECT shirt/dress/pants/etc., but you turn away for ONE SECOND, and it’s gone.

10. When you pay $$$ for an item, then your "friend" from before scores a just-as-good version for $.

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11. When you regret not buying something, but then you can never find it again.

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12. Or when you see someone wearing something you like, and you ask them where they got it, and they say, "I got it three years ago. They don't make it anymore."

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13. When you decide not to buy something, but then an event comes up when you really could've used it.

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14. Or you find an amazing designer item on sale, but it's not what you came in for, so you don't buy it, then always wonder ~what could have been~.

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