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17 Works Of Art That Are Totally You In A Charity Race

If your preferred method of charity is huffing, panting, and sweating, your next chance to do good is the Wings For Life World Run on May 7.

1. When you're feeling pretty proud of yourself for signing up to do a charity run:

2. When you'll tell anyone that will listen about your upcoming race:

3. When you read the fine print on the registration and realize for the first time just how long the race is:

4. When you realize how much training will be needed to run the race properly:

5. When you've been drinking nothing but protein veggie smoothies all week to prepare:

6. When you're trying to stretch before the race, but you're not sure if you're doing it right:

7. You, at the very beginning of the race:

8. Also you, 10 minutes later:

9. When you think there's a rock in your shoe, but you take it off and find nothing:

10. When you're so thirsty that your tongue feels like this:

11. When you try to squirt water in your mouth while running and hit your eye instead:

12. When you crest a particularly exhausting hill, round the bend, and find another hill:

13. When you trip over nothing in particular and now you're going down:

14. When you're tired and aching, and it dawns on you that this was totally optional and no one made you do it...

15. ...and then that moment of doubt has passed because you did it! You finished!

16. You, immediately after the race is over:

17. When you're all done and you're feeling pretty proud of yourself for being part of a good thing:

It's totally exhausting, but it's also totally fulfilling. On May 7, run for those who can't. Take part in the Wings For Life World Run and help fund life-changing spinal cord research.