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15 Upgrades That Will Turn Monday Into Funday

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1. Vent out early-morning aggression on an alarm clock you can throw.

2. Get up at your own pace with a bacon-affirming pillow.

3. Make that bacon breakfast in one fell swoop with an all-in-one cooker.

4. Or completely skip cooking anything and eat candy for breakfast.

5. Set out a doormat that lets unexpected guests know to tread lightly.

6. Wear a scarf out that you can turn into a blanket at a moment's notice.

7. Wear a smiley face mask to ensure you don't upset others with any Monday frowns.

8. Use a coffee mug to deflect small talk until you're ready.

9. Use a tabletop tanning lamp so as not to miss out on any sun while stuck indoors.

10. Use a notepad that implores people to work more efficiently.

11. Use a pen holder that allows you to vent out frustration in a safe way.

12. Use a mouse pad that lets unsuspecting co-workers know that today the answer is probably not yes.

13. Try a randomized decision maker once you're ready to stop thinking and leave everything up to fate.

14. Use a cute sign to say what's on your mind without actually having to say any more words.

15. Put on your perfect pajama shirt and chalk this one up to a Monday well done.

But why stop at Monday? #UpgradeYourWorld