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12 Struggles Of Being The Only Tech Savvy Person In Your Family

*drags self into the trash.* Do your family a favor and upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

1. When your parents can't remember their password and expect you to remember it for them.

2. Watching them type a URL into the search box.

3. When you get stuck on a 25-minute tech support call when you have better things to do with your time.

4. Getting blamed when the computer doesn't "work right" after you fixed it.

5. When they need the computer to run faster for their "games."

6. Having to reset the router any time and every time someone has a problem with the internet.

7. When desktop "shortcuts" cease to be a shortcut to find anything.

8. Three words: Two. Finger. Typing.

9. When the toolbars get out of hand:

10. Watching someone in your family solve a problem in a highly inefficient way.

11. Coming home to find...The List.

12. When "the secret" to your wisdom is not a secret at all:

And finally, when they ignore the "Get Windows 10" app. It only makes your life easier if you get the free upgrade!