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9 Nonprofits That Are Making A Difference In The World

Windows is supporting these global nonprofits to help make a difference on your street and around the world. How will you #UpgradeYourWorld?

1. The Malala Fund

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Inspired by and named after Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai, this fund endeavors to empower girls through comprehensive secondary education. It works to amplify the voices of women within local communities, to advocate for women to change policies that restrict education, and invest in nonprofit organizations that provide quality education for women worldwide.

2. Keep a Child Alive

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KCA's mission is to help children and families by combating the physiological and socioeconomic effects of AIDS. With the help from its supporters, KCA raises awareness of the epidemic, helps mobilize relief, and rallies resources to help fight the life-changing effects of the deadly virus.

3. The Global Poverty Project

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

By enlisting the help of global communities, the Global Poverty Project's mission is to end global poverty by 2030. The project aims to end destructive cycles by changing key policies and social practices that keep the most disenfranchised impoverished and neglected.

4. Pencils of Promise

Guang Niu / Getty Images

Founded in 2008, PoP works to ensure quality education for young people in developing countries. The organization creates access to education through its for-purpose structure, which is dedicated to monitoring success. It also operates on a 100% direct giving model which helps people see exactly where their online donations are going.

5. Save the Children

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Save the Children works to give children around the world the support they need to live healthy lives. The organization focuses on providing education tools for early learning in order to transform their futures for the better. It hosts a myriad of programs that aid in everything from disaster relief to childhood development.


ARIF ALI / Stringer / Getty Images

CARE is a global organization devoted to fighting poverty. Their mission involves providing economic opportunities, addressing discrimination, and delivering emergency relief to the the poorest communities in the world. This organization focuses heavily on the well-being of girls and women by providing the resources to instill prosperity in local communities.

7. Special Olympics

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With a long history of altruistic programs, the Special Olympics provides sports training to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The organization promotes physical fitness and endeavors to inspire the joy of athleticism in participants, friends, and family.


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Launched in 2013, is dedicated to improving computer science education by making more programs available at more schools. The organization works to increase participation from "women and underrepresented students of color." The courses are available in 30-plus languages and used in all 180-plus countries.

9. The Nature Conservancy

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The Nature Conservancy works to preserve vital lands and ecosystems on which all life depends. Those areas include everything from land conservation to the preservation of indigenous communities. Through research and analysis the organization chooses strategic areas to influence in order to create the most impactful changes.

Which nonprofit do you want to see added to this list?

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Windows is looking for you to vote for the 10th nonprofit to add to this list. The chosen organization will receive $500,000 as well as Microsoft technology to help further make a difference in the world. Help us upgrade your world by voting on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by @tagging the handle of your favorite global nonprofit with #UpgradeYourWorld #vote.