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15 Reasons Being From A Big Family Is The Best And Worst

If you have a big family, you've probably blamed a younger sibling for your fingerprints on the cookie jar. Big families can be messy, but, thankfully, all the smudges and streaks can be cleared up when you #PutSomeWindexOnIt.

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5. Sometimes your family is a little TOO open with you.


But that means that you can be as open as you want with them too. With age comes experience, so they have plenty of knowledge to share.

10. You'll have at least three older relatives ask you for tech advice.

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But if it means you can teach them how to video chat, that's a good price to pay. Staying connected whether they're across the living room, in Greece, or wherever else is a beautiful thing.

In My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the Portakalos clan knows how important family is.

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They’ve learned that when things get messy they can #PutSomeWindexOnIt. See what messes they have to clean up in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, in theaters March 25.