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14 Tidying Tips To Keep Your Chaotic Home Feeling Calm And Clean

Life motto: It's much easier to keep up than play catch-up. For quick cleanups around the house that have a big payoff, #PutSomeWindexOnIt.

1. First and foremost, this rule — this one little rule — will change your life:

2. Clean as you cook and plan accordingly.

3. Make your bed...every day.

4. Eliminate "that chair" and use a hanger instead.

5. Only put things where they belong.

6. Take one item that doesn't belong when leaving a room.

7. Wipe tables after using them.

8. Don't bring yesterday into today.

9. Keep small trash bins in every room.

10. Hate folding clothes? Do laundry every week.

11. Clean your shower and sink after each use.

12. Cheap hair trappers and clog remover will change your life.

13. Minimize things on floors and counters.

14. Clean your mirrors once a week after you shower.

For your small cleanups that make a big difference, you can always #PutSomeWindexOnIt.

Toula Portokalos is always tidying up after her family. On March 25, see Toula, the Portokalos clan, and Windex star on the big screen in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2!

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