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16 Awkward Wedding Messes You Wish You Could Wipe From Your Mind

You may not be able to clean that flubbed wedding toast from your mind, but, thankfully, for most messes you can #PutSomeWindexOnIt and move on!

1. When you sweated through your tux during a summer wedding.

2. When someone from the wedding party forgot some (or ALL) of their outfit.

3. When you had a little too much fun the night before the wedding.

4. When you made the poor decision to wear heels to an outdoor wedding.

5. When a bridesmaid spilled wine on her dress hours before the ceremony.

6. When someone forgot to eat and fainted during the ceremony.

7. When someone's phone went off during the wedding vows.

8. When the caterer totally served your guests dirty dishes.

9. When you totally forgot what you planned for your toast.

10. Or the latter, when you said a little TOO much during your toast.

11. When you got a little too turnt on the dance floor.

12. When the couples got called to the floor, and you never felt more single.

13. When the older parents kept trying to play matchmaker.

14. When the DJ forced everyone to dance to the Wobble.

15. When the venue carpet took in far too many spilled drinks.

16. When your photographer published some photos he probably shouldn't have.

The Portokalos clan from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 knows a bit about messy weddings.

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They've learned that when things get messy they can #PutSomeWindexOnIt. See what messes they have to clean up in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, in theaters March 25.