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16 Awkward Wedding Messes You Wish You Could Wipe From Your Mind

You may not be able to clean that flubbed wedding toast from your mind, but, thankfully, for most messes you can #PutSomeWindexOnIt and move on!

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12. When the couples got called to the floor, and you never felt more single.

Courtesy of Hannah Nussbaum

"So, Taylor, you seeing anyone?"

"Yeah, I met this adorable guy on the street the other day. He was the cutest, furriest little gentleman. He was a dog... I'm so single."

The Portokalos clan from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 knows a bit about messy weddings.

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They've learned that when things get messy they can #PutSomeWindexOnIt. See what messes they have to clean up in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, in theaters March 25.