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    What $1,500 (Or Less) A Month In Rent Looks Like In Wilmington, DE

    Do you ever wonder what does $1,500 in rent a month look like in Wilmington, DE? Here are a few examples of how far your money will go here.

    MKT Place

    The Buccini/Pollin Group / Via

    1BD/1BR Rent Range $1,180 – $1,525 - This brand new building features a fitness center, art gallery, clubhouse, and more! Plus, you receive 1-month free rent. Where do I sign?

    The Square at Trolley

    Capano Residential / Via

    1BD/1BR Starting at $875 - Another all-time favorite building located in the heart of Trolley Square.

    2nd & Loma

    The Lofts at 2nd & LOMA / Via Facebook: 377636185581305

    1BD/1BR Rent Range $801 – $1,466 - This charming building is located near the Delaware College of Art Design and the Wilmington train station.

    ParQ at the Square

    Live Parq Now / Via

    1BD/1BR Starting at $1,167 - These luxury apartments are located near some of the hottest bars and restaurants in Trolley Square.

    101 Avenue of the Arts

    Capano Residential / Via

    1BD/1BR Rent Range $1,295 - $1,325 - Right on the Riverwalk, these gorgeous apartments are within walking distance from some of the best restaurants in the area, entertainment, and prime employers.

    The Residences at Harlan Flats

    The Buccini/Pollin Group / Via

    1BD/1BR Rent Range $1,270 - $1,440 - These luxury apartments located on the Riverwalk are #goals.

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