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3 Exciting Spring Break Destinations Located Along The Gulf Of Mexico

There are two simple words that every college student longs to hear while trying their best to save their GPA's during the final months of the spring semester: SPRING BREAK. That's right, a week where every college student across the nation gets to forget about school and do nothing but enjoy themselves and hang out with friends. Some students plan a mountain getaway, some head back home to just relax and catch up with family, but most head straight for sandy beaches and the sound of crashing waves. Although the Caribbean beaches of Jamaica are nice, there is tons of fun to be had on the white, sandy shores of many different beaches located along the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is a body of water that borders the southern states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and several others. With that being said, I am going to introduce three cities located along the Gulf of Mexico that offer plenty of Spring break fun. The beach towns of Destin, Panama City Beach and Orange Beach are going to be our travel destinations, so buckle up and hold on for the ride!

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1. Destin, Florida

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First off, the city of Destin, Florida is in Okaloosa County, Florida. Destin was once known as a small fishing village, but has quickly turned into a tourist attraction during all times of the year. Alright, enough with the history lesson, let’s get to the fun! Destin’s beaches are known as some of the prettiest beaches located on the Florida coast. The sandy shores offer plenty of daytime activities, whether it be laying out, taking a dip in the ocean, or tossing a football around with your buddies. Being that we’re college students and all enjoy the occasional adult beverage every now and then, people of age can drink alcohol on the beach if all the trash is picked up and disposed of properly. After a long day on the beach, people are itching to go and grab a bite for supper and see what Destin’s nightlife has to offer. One of my personal favorite locations in Destin is the Village of Baytown Wharf. Baytown Wharf offers several dining options, boutiques, and bars to go grab a few of those adult beverages that we talked about earlier. Several other dining options located outside of Baytown Wharf are The Back Porch, Louisiana Lagniappe (10/10 would recommend), The Crab Trap, and many others that offer great dining options. When it comes to finding a place to lay your head at night, there are MANY different places to stay. Now that I’ve given you all a little glimpse of what Destin has to offer, let’s move on to our next location, Panama City Beach!

2. Panama City Beach, Florida

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Although Panama City Beach is just a short car ride away from Destin, they both offer completely different experience from one another, but both with an emphasis on fun. Panama City Beach, Florida is in Bay County, and like I said earlier, is about an hour’s drive from Destin. Located along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, PCB (Panama City Beach) is a must-go travel destination for anyone living in the United States. No matter what time of year, the beaches of PCB are usually packed with vacationers and people looking to just get away and relax. Just like Destin, PCB offers the same white, sandy shores and clear water that looks like something out of a tropical resort. Over the past couple of years, the Spring Break scene has dwindled down because of the cut-backs on partying and the wild happenings that had started to take place here. Although students can still go to the beach to tan and enjoy the waves, alcohol is prohibited on the beaches during the major Spring Break months (March and April). Enough with the beach scene, let’s talk about food! Panama City offers many delicious places to eat, with many centrally located in Pier Park. Pier Park is a huge outdoor mall that features many places to eat, shop, and for people to enjoy themselves. Some of the food options located in Pier Park is Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant Margaritaville, Reggae J’s, and a Buffalo Wild Wings. Pier Park also holds a Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge which is an awesome place to grab a bite to eat, a few drinks and listen to some good ‘ole live country music. A definite to-do while visiting PCB is to go grab a few donuts for breakfast from Thomas’ Donut and Snack Shop. I know we’re all trying to watch our Spring Break Bods, but these donuts are definitely worth it. Now that we’re all packed up and have grabbed a few donuts from Thomas’, it’s time to visit on the last place on the list, Orange Beach!

3. Orange Beach, Alabama

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Lastly, Orange Beach is in Baldwin County, which is located in the southernmost part of the great state of Alabama. Orange Beach offers the same white, sandy beaches and clear water as Destin and PCB. I don’t know if you all are seeing the pattern here, but the Gulf of Mexico offers some pretty beautiful beaches. Just like Destin, adult beverages are allowed on the beaches here if you are of age and all the trashed is thrown away properly. After a long day of catching some rays on the beach, it’s time to grab a quick shower and go find some grub. One might ask, “Where’s the best place to eat in Orange Beach?”. Well, let’s look at all our options. Orange Beach offers many delicious places to eat such as, Wintzell’s Oyster House (REALLY GOOD), Another Broken Egg Café, and Doc’s Seafood Shack. Another unique experience Orange Beach has to offer is the many concerts they hold at The Wharf. The Wharf is an outdoor amphitheater who has held big name acts such as Luke Bryan. Just like the latter two, there should be no problem finding a place to stay as there is plenty of hotels and condos to rent out.

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