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Important Facts Of Air Transport

Air transport represents one of the greatest advances of modern logistics . At present, any company can leave a package to a logistic operator and in a few hours the merchandise can reach any part of the world with total security in terms of terms of delivery and conditions.

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The air logistics began to be used for urgent shipments taking advantage of the speed of transport, but today is a shipping method increasingly used, especially for regular.

Being such a modern environment, users are benefited by the latest technologies applied to logistics, which avoids many errors in deliveries and the respective delays caused by confusion or contingencies own transport by sea or road. The processes are computerized and fares , destinations and flights listed in numerous international databases to which you can access via the Internet so immediate.

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When hiring one air transport have to evaluate a number of advantages and disadvantages offered by this means of transport and thus to choose appropriately as needed to meet deadlines, safety, cost or agility processing, Inter alia. As main advantages we can highlight:


It is the argument more weight when deciding on air transport. In this sense, there is no other means of shipping that can be compared with air transport.

Shipments in which you press the speed before any other variable will be done by this means. As discussed later, the air transport has a high cost , so we have to assess what benefits it will provide to use this medium compared to other more traditional.

We can find the case that a product manufactured in one country is necessary for an assembly line in an industrial plant in another country, so that the absence of this product can cause the chain to stop, causing very high costs For inactivity. The assembly lines work with a system of purchases with very tight deadlines and usually require systems that complement the traditional road transport in case of possible incidents. One example is the automotive industry.


When it comes to ensure that the transport of goods will not damage a package, the air shipment is the solution most successful for several reasons:

•The risk of accident air is minimal .

•The time of transport is very small compared to road and ship, so the possibility of incidents arising during shipping is very unlikely. It avoids areas with adverse weather conditions, traffic jams, confusion, and so on.

•The regulations delivery , handling , safety and loading and unloading are very strict in airports which provides a guarantee for the integrity of the shipment.

Administrative Agility

The specialist in air transport agents are characterized by providing simplicity and agility to transport. As we mentioned in the introduction of the article, the air logistics sector has advanced computer systems that facilitate the procedures and procedures for obtaining the necessary documents for the transportation of the merchandise.

The disadvantages that must be taken into account if we opted for the choice of this type of transport are as follows:

High cost

The cost of air transport is calculated by weight , while the road or sea the cost is usually by volume . This type of consideration already limits the choice of a shipment.

To see clearly the difference tariffs have consulted an operator on-line Locksmith San Diego for a package of 500 kg and 3 m 3 of volume for transportation between Barcelona and Miami.


Limitations can be found for the following reasons:

•Weight of the goods , as it can exceed the carrying capacity of the aircraft.

•Volume, since the doors of the wineries have a tight dimensions.

•Lack of supply , since we can meet at specific times of the year in which the overall capacity is already absorbed by demand for shipments. For example, at the time of the launch of the iPad, the demand for shipments was so high that there were not enough means to satisfy the transport. The consequence was the increase in 20% of the freight cost.

As we can see the air transport has some characteristics that limit much the type of goods to send , as they must avoid heavy or bulky products. But I could be very useful for goods such as perishable goods, small shipments, value products or urgent shipments.

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